Gorak Urk

Half-Orc fighter. 6 feet tall, 255lbs, 19 years old, Male, LN


Gorak’s life has been full of hardships and servitude. From the day he was born he was a slave to the orcs that breed him. Until his tenth birthday he cooked, cleaned, trained, and maintained their gear. Once he was ten he and others his age would be sent off to gather food and other resources. It was at this time he was named Gorak, great cunning, because of his usefulness and discipline when hunting. He learned at an early age to ration his food and go for quantity not quality when hunting food. The other orc and half-orcs were too aggressive. They may caught 3 boars, but had to eat 1 and half to survive after they ran out of food 4 hours into the hunt. Gorak could only catch a boar and a few rabbits, but he brought it ALL back and still had some food left over.

Training continued until the age of 14. Early one morning before most were awake, due to heavy drinking, he would be up training. He had to be training at all times, because he was smaller than most half-orcs and not as strong either. These qualities earned him the surname “Little Bones”. While he was at the dummies practicing his axe skill, a single flaming arrow sailed through the air and hit the barracks. As a small fire started to grow Gorak ran to the warning bell to sound the alarm, but before he could get there a rain of fire arrows pelted the entire camp. A few moments later a dozen warriors broke down the front gate and slew what few sentries were awake near the alarm, but not before one of them blew their horn of battle. The fight did not last long. Although the orcs are fierce warriors strong enough to cut a man in half with a single cleave of his axe, they were no match without their armor, scattered, and groggy from being just awakened. Many orcs died, some fled, and a few were captured. Gorak new he stood no chance in combat and tried to hide from them, but to no avail an elven ranger with a strange gold sigil pinned to his shoulder finds him hiding in a half collapsed watch tower. Quickly Gorak drops his axe and puts his hands out in a surrendering gesture.

The Elven ranger looked him over and called out. “Hey, come look at this.”

And on cue a large man clad in full plate black as coal walked up to Gorak, blade at the ready. “I have never seen an orc surrender before.”

“Half-orc.” Corrects the Ranger. “He is small. Even for a half-orc.”

“Chain him and throw him in with the others.” Ordered the man in black.

The Ranger chained Gorak and threw him in with the orcs and half-orcs they captured. Once attackers had taken everything of value they packed up and hit the road. Judging from the amount of gold in some of the wagons this was not the first stop. Not all of he orcs survived the trip. Many had been accustomed to eating two or three times his on rations. Gorak had always practiced saving food when he had a limited supply and with his smaller body needed less food than the others in general. Of those who did survive many were sickly, but not Gorak he was merely hungery. After one month on the road they pulled in to a small …well Gorak didn’t know what to call it. He had never seen or heard of anything like it. It was like a great feast that lasted throughout the day with games were purposed for entertainment not training. The winners got prizes and trinkets instead of rations, and the losers just walked away with strange expressions and NOT being beaten or sent out to gather food. “THE PIT” was a big ring in the center of this… “circus” he heard some call it. Gorak did not know much common, but he knew enough that when he saw the man in black trade words and a key to a fat and short man who in turn gave him a sack of gold. Gorak and the other prisoners had most definitely been sold, but for what purpose he did not know.

Gorak did not like his new home. Although he wasnt fond of his orc brethren they still were his only familiarity in this strange place. After the first month only two other orcs were left alive. Many were to weak to from hunger or sickness to train and do the manual labor given to us. We were the only ones to “pay our dues”. Gorak learned common quickly here and he learned that this was a gladiators arena. It was part of a circus that roamed the land and put on fights to make money. All the fighters were slaves and had to win 100 fights to earn their freedom, but you could only fight after you spent your first month doing whatever they told you to do. None of the fights were to the death, that would be bad for business they said, but people still died in vicious battles or on accident. There was one man who actually volunteered to be here. He wanted to test himself to achieve 100 wins in the arena. This man was Bosk Moore. He helped all the gladiators with training and other exercises. When Gorak first met him he was at 63 wins. Gorak new he would be finished soon and he wanted to learn everything he could from him. He asked Bosk if he would take him as a student and Bosk said yes, if Gorak did everything he said. The next two years were brutal on Gorak as Bosk ran him through grueling exercises to solidify his discipline and ironguard his mind. Bosk was impressed as not many could keep up with his training and certainly a half-orc’s temper would get the best of him, but not Gorak’s. Bosk was proud of him and Gorak looked upon him like a father, but after two years Bosk won his 100th match and was going to find another challenge to place upon himself. His final task to Gorak was to complete his 100th match and to forge his own destiny. To accept every challenge and beat it with strength and discipline he learned here.

Gorak spent the next 3 years training and fighting in the arena. At every town they stopped he would win. He helped train some of the new recruits as Bosk helped him, but he was focused on his own training to be a real teacher. He eventually won his 100th fight and more importantly his freedom. He never forgot what Bosk said. Now an adult it was the first time he was free to do what he wanted. He set off to find work to experience a world that he only heard stories of. To see a world from a point of view that wasn’t filtered by the bloodlust of the orcs or the bloodshed of the arena. It was time to see the world at peace. Unfortunately, the world was not ready to see a muscular half-orc with a reputation of being a great fighter walk the streets unrestrained. Gorak found people avoiding him and even fleeing from him. In some cities the guards would beat him down and arrest him, because they believed he was attacking or out of prejudice. No dwarf or elf would even speak to him unless they absoultely had to and then talked down to him as an abomination. Common slang was Urk which meant Orc or enemy in dwarven. In defiance he took this as his surname. Gorak displeased with state of “civilized” society and soon understood why the orcs lived on their own. Why they fought the other races. He learned of a place ware a half-orc could work and live in peace. A small town on the coast named Sandpoint. He set out with what little gold he had left to find a place for himself. If Sandpoint was not the haven he hoped it was, then he had only one choice left to return to the orcs and forsake everything Bosk had taught him. Gorak was not about to fail Bosk now.

Gorak Urk

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