Tall for a human woman, thanks to her elvish ancestry, Talitha Ellimere stands at 5’10". She has the olive skin and black hair of her Varisian mother, hair that would fall to her waist if not twisted up in a mass of thin braids that are coiled and pinned in a vain attempt to conceal the pointed ears that are a dead giveaway as to her mixed bloodlines. Even if one did happen to overlook the ears, most human women don’t have eyes whose color can only be described as emerald. A closer look would reveal numerous scars and healing slashes over her hands, legacy of time spent with numerous birds of prey.


Elves are beautiful.

Elves are old.

Elves are careless.

Oh, not all elves. Even in her angriest moments, when she had fled from her tormenters and was hidden in the mews or out in the forest, Talitha Ellimere couldn’t bring herself to condemn an entire race for the actions of one man. Well, more than one. There were an awful lot of half-elves out there. She wasn’t the only one in Sandpoint, not by a long shot. But she was the only one of Saffyr Unyr’s children with a mixed bloodline, and that was enough to make her different. She quickly learned if you’re different, you’re a target.

Talitha’s mother started off respectable enough. Saffyr was an entertainer at one of Sandpoint’s taverns. A happily married woman, and mother of three, she was there strictly to perform the traditional dances of her people, thank you very much. It wasn’t until years later, after her husband had died, that she took up with an occasional visitor to Sandpoint. An elf, a Pathfinder, by the name Favrik Ellimere. Even then no one would have thought much of it, if Talitha hadn’t come along after one of Favrik’s infrequent stops.

The rumors and whispers died down soon enough as other, fresher gossip took its place. But Talitha started out at a disadvantage. No father, substantially younger than her siblings (who were none too fond of her themselves), and while she would eventually grow into her exotic looks, as a child she was a beanpole a head taller than the other children with pointy ears and emerald eyes. The fact that she was swift enough, and perceptive enough, to avoid or flee from those who meant her ill didn’t make her any more popular.

Her refuge came courtesy of Jak Huntsman, the town falconer. He found Talitha in the woods one day, hiding from her older brother, and coaxed her down from the tree she was perched in by showing off the peregrine falcon he was training. Fascinated, Talitha climbed down and followed him all the way back to town, pestering him with questions all the way. Soon she was tagging along whenever she had a spare minute. Luckily Jak’s son, the apprentice falconer, didn’t mind an extra set of hands or eyes. Jak taught her everything she knows about falconry and a good deal about hunting. The rest came courtesy of Favrik himself.

The elf didn’t stop his visits to Sandpoint, and while he was undoubtedly surprised to be greeted on his next trip by a toddler Saffyr introduced as his daughter, he took the announcement in stride. Every few years he would pass through the town and spend some time with Talitha. He taught her how to speak Elven, how to track, and how to shoot a longbow. As the girl grew she took on more of the responsibility of keeping the family fed, which allowed her to spend most of her time roaming the forest with no one for company but her bow and Koen, the gyrfalcon Jak had gifted her and she had trained herself.

Talitha is now 25, and for the past several years has been the sole caretaker for her aging mother. It was an arrangement that suited everyone except Talitha’s older siblings, who stewed about the fact that any inheritance that was to be had would almost certainly go to the devoted younger daughter. Talitha’s oldest sister recently announced that she, her husband, and their children were moving to Korvosa and as Saffyr would certainly be better off in such a large and cultured city, she would be coming along. Saffyr agreed, although more so she could continue to spend time with her grandchildren than any desire to live in Korvosa. Talitha finds herself at loose ends, currently staying in the loft over Jak Huntsman’s home while she tries to figure out what to do with herself.


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